We are an Evony Alliance based on server 23. We are always positioned either top 1-2 on the Top Alliance board. Friendly and focused, we use the best of our strengths, and knowledge to support any weakness, to overcome anyone or anything.
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 Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY!

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Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY! Empty
PostSubject: Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY!   Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY! Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 1:39 pm

kind of random, not even pertaining to our server, but my alliance on World 1 doesn't have a forums, and i feel my ego could use a bigger boost.

Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY! World110

Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY! World210
-cause i'm taking down his warehouse atm you can't see it but he has a lvl 10 barracks.

-ignore the honor, i lost 283k to someone because his alliance backed him up in defence on his town >.>

On 7/19/09 I went after this guy when i had come home drunk. The next morning he Truce'd up so I couldn't atk him and i said in 7 days (7/27/09) I will come after you. build up your forces and I'll warn you when I'm coming.

on 7/24/09 i sent a scout report to see how he was doing. There was some improvement, but really it wasn't anything to how fast i was training troops. Found out he had one barracks (lvl 10 go figure? Wink ) To my surprise he did not mail me back (agreement was no scouting).

I knew that he would try and teleport out when the real attack began and i could not give up this jewel. I got off work at 2:30am on7/26/09 sat down and began my first assault.

When it hit it was near flawless. Sent in waves after waves of cavalry, got lucky because just as i sent another 7 waves, there was server maintenance, so there was no stall in my attacks. Finally by 6am (yea i started to see the sky getting brighter ha ha) I claimed his town.

Let this be a lesson. This guy had 64k prest. he was a little over 50k prest when he decided to build a lvl 10 town hall, with less than 1k AT!
If you make a lvl 10 townhall without proper defences, no matter what agreement you have, some people are gonna start looking at your town more and more, and how worth it be to have. No matter how much you complain or bitch, you will lose it lol. Lucky for me i got a lvl 10 barracks AND Town Hall. Very Happy

If you're interested that's the first Attack report, the rest were followed by 7 waves of 1k-2k cavalry in each. City Defences aren't all destroyed at once, so i lost a few hundred cavalry to leftove abatis and traps, twas quick before they were all gone.

-Scout report before i went in for the kill.
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Yeeeeaaaa BUDDY!
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