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 Am I Eligible For a Promotion

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PostSubject: Am I Eligible For a Promotion   Am I Eligible For a Promotion Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 1:35 pm

I do not know if I am eligible to get a promotion since I am new to the alliance, but here are my stats.

Prestige: 27265
Rank: Major
Title: Knight
Honor: 0
Ranking: 4085

Main City Troy, 451, 429:
Loyalty/Public Grievence: 90/0
Gold: 113,619
Population: 20,655
Food: 280,600
Lumber: 33,000
Stone: 11,500
Iron: 9,800

Second City Notursnemo, 453, 430:
Loyalty/Public Grievence: 80/0
Gold: 19,931
Population: 8,861
Food: 150,200
Lumber: 115,500
Stone: 133,000
Iron: 75,000

These resource stats may be off since I am producing over 10k per hour for each resource.

I have spent over 12 hours a day on this game, unless I have had somewhere to go.
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Am I Eligible For a Promotion
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