We are an Evony Alliance based on server 23. We are always positioned either top 1-2 on the Top Alliance board. Friendly and focused, we use the best of our strengths, and knowledge to support any weakness, to overcome anyone or anything.
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 Things to do...

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Things to do... Empty
PostSubject: Things to do...   Things to do... Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 2:37 pm

quick summary of things to do.

Build the below as balanced as you can.

Focus on strength and large armies, attack when you need.

Farm NPC's for resources.
Buil archery towers up.. build in increments I do 10-15 every 20 mins
Aim to get 3k scouts in each city
Aim for 10K archers
Aim for 10K warrior
Try and upgrade your walls daily if you can
Get your beacon and towers up
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Things to do...
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